ENPHE newsletter December 2019

This newsletter is intermediary to our last conference (Groningen, The Netherlands) and our future seminar (Portugal) and joined conference with ErWCPT (Leuven, Belgium). In this newsletter, we reminisce our last conference in Groningen, but we also look upon our future activities. Enjoy! The issues in this edition: Looking back to Groningen conference Conference in Groningen: […]

5th European Congress of the European Region WCPT on Physiotherapy – Education

The 5th European Congress of the European Region WCPT on Physiotherapy – Education – in 2020, is organised in collaboration with ENPHE, European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education, as a joint organisation, hosted by Axxon, Physical Therapy in Belgium, and held at the KUL facilities, University of Leuven, on 11 – 12 September 2020. The Congress is open […]


On the 12th October we have the elections for two positions in the Executive Board: one position to the presidency and one position to a  board member. Please follow this link for more information: http://www.enphe.org/executive-board-elections/ Please consult with your country members in which candidate you would like to vote for each position. This information needs […]

ENPHE Thesis Awards

Winners ENPHE Bachelor Thesis Award 2019 1 st Prize: Romail Collet, Cancer patient’s perceptions of interactions with healthcare professionals (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) 2 nd Prize: Raquel Santos Coelho, Cristina Argel de Melo, Julio Alexandre Portela, Carlos Crasto, Antonio Mesquita Montes and Juliana Moreira, Influence of different types of feedback during vertical self-stretching on […]

ENPHE newsletter March-April 2019

In this newsletter, we reminisce our last seminar in Bochum, but we also look upon our future activities and latest decisions within the executive board. Enjoy! In this edition: Spring seminar HSG Bochum Germany Key notes during seminar Working groups of ENPHE Official agreement of cooperation with EIPEN Organizational development of ENPHE Conference 2019 Seminar […]

ENPHE newsletter December 2018

This newsletter is intermediary to our last conference (Paris, France) and our future seminar (Bochum, Germany) and conference (Groningen, The Netherlands). In this newsletter, we reminisce our last conference in Paris, but we also look upon our future activities. Enjoy! The issues in this edition: Looking back to the seminar in Roskilde Conference in Paris: key note speakers […]

ENPHE Groningen green Conference – 10, 11 & 12 October 2019 – Groningen Netherlands

ENPHE Conference 2019 in Groningen – The end of Physiotherapy? Towards New Ideas on Health. On behalf of Hanze University of Applied Sciences we have the pleasure to warmly welcome you to the ENPHE conference 10 – 12 October 2019 in Groningen.  The event is organised in close cooperation with all the physiotherapy programmes in […]

ENPHE Bochum Seminar – 15 & 16 March 2019 – Bochum Germany

Dear Members, I am pleased to share information about the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) Seminar 2019, hosted by the Hochschule für Gesundheit (HSG) in Bochum, Germany. The seminar comprises three days of activities. The first day is dedicated to the pre-seminar for all physiotherapy students in Europe (14.03.2019). The second and the third days (15.–16.03.2019) […]

ENPHE Social Networks

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