ENPHE Membership


Membership of the Network consists of full members and associate members:


This is applicable for physiotherapy educational institutions located in the European Region and European continent, which provide at least a three-year full time higher education. The diploma is nationally recognized for the entry level.


This is applicable for physiotherapy institutions not meeting criteria mentioned above. (The associate membership grants access to the network, its activities and products. The associate membership is not eligible for voting in the general assembly, any positions within the Executive Board, Coordinating Committee, within the working core-member and organizing a conference.)

For more information please mail: info@enphe.org

Membership fees
less than 100 students
€ 200
101-300 students
€ 250
301-500 students
€ 300
more than 500 students
€ 400
Other related contacts and non-European universities
€ 450
ENPHE membership application form
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Organisation type:
How many physiotherapy students are annualy registered in your Physiotherapy higher education programs?

Members Network
The European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education consists of more than 156 member institutions and represents 31 countries.