COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 is a unique situation, pushing our societies out of their comfort zones. We are together travelling unexplored territories. A challenge to prepare and make decisions in these complex and fast changing times. As non-linearity seems to be the current normal, linear and known solutions might no longer be valid or adequate.

These situations call for coherent heterogeneity in decision-making, demanding entanglement of different perspectives and epistemologies. We need to develop and use inductive approaches, locally applicable and globally connected.

In these times of uncertainty, we will need to engage in communication in entanglement, where everyone is part. Providing input, share dilemmas, and create contextualised solutions integrating different perspectives. By means of developmental evaluation local solutions can be implemented and shared.

To optimize ENPHE as a Forum in this entanglement, we are collecting the challenges, practices and discussions used in different countries and institutions.

Below you can find some resources related with Physiotherapy Education and Physiotherapy Practice. Please feel free to share yours with us.