12 Sep 2022


As the war continues in Ukraine, ENPHE has maintained close contact with Ukrainian colleagues to offer support based on their contextualized needs. 

As a result ENPHE is able to provide support as follows:

  • 22 Higher Education Institutions members are willing to support teachers and students in their continuation of education during war times with distance learning and peer-support, availability of educational materials and welcoming for periods of mobility
  • welcome every Physiotherapy Education Institute to join ENPHE, free of charge during the first year
  • During the Online Seminar on the past 28th to 30th April, ENPHE hosted 30 Ukrainian participants from 11 different educational institutions.

Our hearts beat for our colleagues in Ukraine and the people in Ukraine, and we will continue to do what we can to support them. 

Kindest regards,

ENPHE Governing Boards