University of West Attica
Department of Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Department of the University of West Attica is the evolution of the Physiotherapy Department of Athens Technological Educational Institute It is the most high-ranked Department of the University of West Attica.

The subject of the Physiotherapy Department as well as the program structure are aligned with the guidelines of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy  (WCPT), according to which Physiotherapy discipline provides its individualized services in order to develop, maintain and restore their maximum movement and functional capability during their lifespan.

The profession of physical therapist / physiotherapist, through WCPT, belongs in the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA). Physiotherapists as the medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses constitute a self-sufficient healthcare profession and belong to “regulated professions” such as medical doctors, nurses, dentists, midwives, veterinary surgeons, pharmacists and architects.


The aim of the Physiotherapy Department is:

  • To develop healthcare professional scientists, suitably trained and with sufficient skills in order to practice Physical Therapy profession.   
  • To develop scientists that could meet the current demands of society and those of labor market.  
  • To provide the requisite theoretical background in combination with the necessary applied knowledge, as it is required by the latest advancements in the scientific filed of Physiotherapy.
  • To advance the Physiotherapy Science, through the continuous research activity of the academic community of the Department.
  • The extroversion of the Department is achieved by the collaboration with the Greek and international public and private sectors in a scientific – research level. Moreover, the social contribution of the Department should be underlined.


The Physiotherapy Department offers: