Students Group

Who are we and what are we aiming for?

Our aim is to contribute to the evolution and progress of physiotherapy. We work on this objective by enhancing the collaboration between students and teachers. Which can be done by gathering at conferences, seminars and other gatherings.

We create environments in which students can openly share their opinion on a multitude of topics which are related to physiotherapy. They get together and make suggestions, which teachers carefully take into account. On top of that, there are workgroups and discussion with both students and teachers involved. Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, to share ideas and opinions. Furthermore, we facilitate communication between teachers and students.

Lastly, we organize environments in which participants can have the opportunity to expand their social networks on a national and an international level by being in contact with members from a broad range of universities from various European countries.


Our mission is to...

  • Facilitate the active involvement of students in ENPHE activities and create opportunities for students to learn from ENPHE and its members as a mutual process.
  • Contribute to the ENPHE process from the perspective of being the current and future consumers of education.

Our strategy includes...

Identifying the needs and wants of the students and the teachers and turn them into acceptable and realistic projects by means of problem analysis. 

Facilitating communication channels as well as being a communication-link between student and teachers (mediate communication).

Organizing an environment in which students are encouraged to look at physiotherapy related topics from various perspectives. Preferably some of which they would not have the opportunity to look at within their academic environment. 

Encouraging students to actively participate in group reflections, in debates and to share their thoughts and ideas. 

Inspiring students to develop new ideas, new ways of thinking and we try to make them look at physiotherapy from their open minded perspective. These topics are often philosophical and political.

Student representative and contact

William Steed 
Instagram: @enphe_students