Practice Based Learning


Supporting students in the challenges of clinical placements abroad.

The working group Practice Based Learning has developed a standardized, European-accepted assessment form to assess students doing a clinical placement abroad. This form also includes the assessment of intercultural skills. With this form we hope to provide clarity for both, the supervisors who supervise our students and for the students. We have previously described the competencies and qualifications for supervisors to guide students during their clinical placement.


  • Marian den Daas-Kooimans - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL)
  • Gert-Jan Kordes - FH-Joanneum, Austria
  • Lisa Swaak - Leiden University of Applied Sciences (NL)
  • René van Saan - Fontys University of Allied health (NL)
  • Jamil Vivas - Spain
  • Iris Machado de Oliveira - Spain
  • Pirjo Knuuttila-  Finland
  • Annika Svahn Ekdahl - Sweden
  • Mareike Schoneberger - Hanze Hogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences (NL)
  • Unni Vågstøl - Norway 

Work in Progress

  • It is time for a revision and update this assessment form. It should be adjusted to the required level. The scoring rules for the key performance indicators were examined. The scales described in the form do not have rubrics, which makes it difficult to calibrate (internationally) with each other. We will use the ZelCom model for this. Is an internationally known model and can therefore be used by everyone.
  • Revision of ENPHE's clinical practice assessment form for international physiotherapy students. Before the summer holidays, the revised version of the form will be uploaded on the ENPHE website and will be presented at the conference in Warsaw.


  1. Revision of ENPHE'S clinical practice assessment form for international physiotherapy students
  2. Presentation of the adapted form in Warsaw
  3. Testing the new form by our partners between the conference and seminar 2025


During the seminar in Bergen, March 2023, a workshop was given by Miriam Wijbenga.

Supporting physiotherapy students in the challenges of clinical placements 

Miriam Wijbenga, MSc, PhD candidate Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences / School of Health Professions Education, Maastricht University 


An important role is assigned for the clinical supervisor in supporting students in the clinical learning environment. During physiotherapy placements, students face a variety of challenges: personal life-events as well as workplace related events such as intercultural challenges and inappropriate behaviour (Wijbenga et al, submitted). This workshop focuses on the possible role of the supervisor in supporting students with these challenges. How do their knowledge and beliefs foundational to the practice influence them: What do they (not) do in their role? How do they do this, and why (Loosveld et al, 2022)? After gaining the theoretical background of the role of the supervisor and the students’ perspective, participants and workshop leaders co-construct during a case-based discussion and generate tips and tricks how they can fulfill this role.  

Target group: Clinical supervisors, academic supervisors, students

Structure of workshop: 

Plenary introduction 

Interactive ‘jigsaw’ based on case examples: 

During phase (1) participants can choose to be in one of three expert groups, based on different topics:  I) life-events, II) intercultural challenges, III) workplace-related events – 25 minutes. Herein, participants discuss about their role in those challenges.

  • In phase (2) participants of the three groups will be mixed into small groups to brief each other on the different topics and gain deeper understanding (I, II, III) – 25 minutes. 
  • Phase (3) will consist of a plenary discussion on supervisors’ roles and the translation into tips and tricks – 20 minutes.

Evaluation and take-home message. 

Intended outcomes

  • Through shared reflection and sharing experiences between participants, we aim to co-construct tips and tricks for supervisors, focused on their role in supporting students’ challenges in health professions education during clinical placement.
  • After the workshop we discussed the requirements of the universities and the professional field for the internships.
  • We have agreed that the existing clinical placement assessment form will be revised. The information from the workshop will be included in this. We will continue with this during the conference in Prague.