Inter-professional Learning


Goal of the working group interprofessional learning (IPL) is to rise the IPL competences by sharing information, knowledge, skills of IPL education.
Together we have and share good practice. In order to do so, the working group will combine different models to a practical guideline in which educational aspects in becoming an interprofessional identity are ordered.

This ordering will function as a mean to label/tag documents of all kinds and expertise from different fields in a platform. This platform will be available on the ENPHE website, ready to share.


  • Marietta Handgraaf – Bochum UAS (Facilitator)
  • Sanda Jorna-Lakke


Works in Progress

Making the INPRO Results visible for educators to develop IPE



  • Mapping real life interprofessional situations
    • Based on identifying facilitators and barriers on IPE we concluded that students need more real life IP-situations to get interested in IPE. Therefor we will make an overview of real life situation in specific settings, for example conflict situation between a doctor and PT in a sport club settings.
  • pre-overview is developed in the WG
  • Overview of settings combined with IP-situations



Survey of action on IPE in the different HEI
INPRO – Overview of IPE