Environmental Physiotherapy


To create awareness, inspire, continue research and implement the concept of EPT in European Physiotherapy in Higher Education.



Volcmar Visser (Hogeschool Leiden UAS, Netherlands)

Filip Maric (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)

Andrea Ribeiro (ISAVE, Portugal

Members: Niels Verhoeven, Mathys Wicherson, M. Ferdinand Bergamo, Celeste Rousseau, Joland Lieshout, Piia Soilckchi, João Venâncio, and Steinunn Ólafsdóttir


Work in Progress

  • A survey for Physiotherapy teachers “Global awareness in Physiotherapy”, aiming to understand how keen they are for applying EPT concept to their classes.
    • We are now in the process of collecting the data and will soon analyse the results. You can find our survey below in the outputs!
  • Creating a game for teachers and students - The Escape Game, to develop the EPT concept and stimulate research in this filed.
    • the main model is already done, we are going to add some more information and specific insights.



  • Teacher prompts:  we have already three main areas at the EPA website, and a google doc in drive to finish all the other areas, so we can allow teachers to have more information to use in their classes. You can find the prompts in our Outputs
  • Teacher workshop “Teach the teacher”:  we have already a pack of slides to share and the next step is to have a guideline to use the slides and have a free accessible workshop to use at their universities. You can find the slides in our Outputs.




Additional Information 

The ENPHE working group for environmental physiotherapy is affiliated to the Environmental Physiotherapy Association and its international education project, the EPT Agenda 2023.




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