Emergent Topics in Physiotherapy


The Working Group on Emergent Topics in Physiotherapy was established to tackle issues that arise over time, which have the potential to impact and shape the education and profession of physiotherapy. These issues may include advancements in technology, social concerns such as human rights and climate change, as well as the latest disruptive innovations in the field of health and rehabilitation.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and create the space for latest innovations or emmergent topics that our members consider relevant to be addressed. Every year, we open to topics and collaborations to develop outputs that support the ENPHE network in actively adapting to an ever-changing environment.

In 2023, our focus will be on AI and the impact of ChatGPT on physiotherapy education and research. By leveraging our collective knowledge and working collaboratively, we hope to achieve significant progress in this field and continue to advance the profession of physiotherapy in a meaningful way.


Work in Progress

In November 2022, ChatGPT burst onto the scene and made a significant impact on education and research in numerous domains, including physiotherapy. This AI-powered tool sparked a global conversation and drew attention to other similar technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the practice and education of physiotherapy.

As a result, the Working Group is currently working on three products to further advance the reflection of AI in this field.


Product 1 - Program proposal for the next ENPHE conference (Led by Jeroen Alessie)

Aims to raise awareness and discuss with the network to the pros and cons of AI-powered tools in physiotherapy. This initiative will encourage the network to consider their concerns and enthusiasms towards this topic and embrace the inevitable transition.


Product 2 - ENPHE Network Survey (Led by António Alves Lopes)

Aims to research the knowledge, usage, and attitudes of the ENPHE network towards the impact of AI in education and reseach. The results of this survey will help to develop the other products to better meet the needs and expectations of the network.


Product 3 - AI Toolkit (Led by Pedro Chana Valero)

will provide the ENPHE network with the necessary resources to implement AI-powered tools in education and research while addressing concerns and considering the ethical aspects of this technology



The Working Group on Emergent Topics in Physiotherapy facilitated a Keynote Lecture and Workshop during the ENPHE conference 2023. The aim was to engage in dialogue about the impact of artificial intelligence on physiotherapy education and research. This initiative encouraged the network to articulate their concerns and enthusiasm about this evolving subject and to prepare for the forthcoming changes.

For the Keynote Lecture titled "With Great Power Comes Great Ambiguity," we invited Michael Rowe. Additionally, Pedro Chana Valero conducted the Workshop on "Generative AI." All presentations and supplementary materials are accessible on the ENPHE group's page: https://www.enphe.org/en/groups/emergent-topics-in-physiotherapy .

At the 2023 Seminar in Bergen, the Working Group was launched with its inaugural topic of AI and ChatGPT's impact on Physiotherapy Education and Research, facilitated by António Alves Lopes. During the development sessions, the group engaged in a lively discussion about their awareness, knowledge, and attitudes regarding the ChatGPT phenomenon.

The group then performed a SWOT analysis on AI and ChatGPT, which provided valuable insights and allowed for the sharing of knowledge and viewpoints. It was particularly enlightening to have perspectives from both educators and students on the topic, and much was learned from each other.

On the second day of the seminar, the enthusiasm for the topic was palpable, and the group took the next step in exploring how to share insights and support the network in navigating and adapting to the AI phenomenon. To this end, three sub-groups were created to design program ideas for the next ENPHE conference, develop an ENPHE Network Survey, and compile an AI Toolkit.

This collaborative effort will enable the network to be better equipped to understand and harness the power of AI, ultimately benefiting both the practice and education of physiotherapy. We look forward to continuing this important work and sharing our progress with the broader ENPHE community.



AI Toolkit

This toolkit offers a comprehensive collection of resources to facilitate the integration of AI-powered tools into both education and research. For a detailed and up-to-date list of resources, please follow this link.


Survey  - Use of Artificial Intelligence in Physiotherapy Education and Research

The aim of this survey is to understand the knowledge, usage patterns, attitudes, concerns, and perceived necessities regarding the integration of AI in education and research. 

The results will be utilized to guide the group's reflection and activities concerning the integration of AI in education and research, and we plan to share the survey results through ENPHE conference events and on the ENPHE website. All your responses will be kept confidential. Your individual information will not be disclosed in any published or presented data.

Please use this link to respond. Additionally, we encourage you to forward this survey to all your colleagues and peers involved in physiotherapy education or research.


Presentations from the ENPHE 2023 Conference

Here you can find the presentation from Michael Rowe's Keynote Lecture titled “With Great Power Comes Great Ambiguity” and from the Workshop on “Generative AI” facilitated by Pedro Chana Valero.



António Alves Lopes

Jeroen Alessie

Pedro Chana Valero

Margarida Jardim