Physiotherapy Competencies for Autonmous Practices: Recommendations for Educational Framework

The European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) has released a document titled "Autonomous Practice Recommendations for Education and Professional Issues Working Group, September 2022." This document aims to provide guidance on the development of physiotherapy educarion to autonomous practice and professional issues.

The document covers various aspects of autonomous practice, including the definition of autonomous practice, the competencies required for autonomous practice, and the role of physiotherapy education in promoting autonomous practice. It also provides recommendations for the development of autonomous practice, including the need for clear and consistent definitions, the need for a common understanding of the competencies required, and the need for continued professional development for physiotherapists.

The document concludes that autonomous practice is a critical component of physiotherapy education and professional issues and that it is essential for the development of a high-quality and effective physiotherapy workforce. It provides a framework for the development of autonomous practice and highlights the importance of ongoing professional development and continuous improvement in physiotherapy education.

Overall, the document is a valuable resource for physiotherapy educators and professionals and provides a comprehensive overview of the key issues and recommendations related to autonomous practice in physiotherapy. It serves as a valuable resource for those interested in advancing their understanding of autonomous practice and its role in the field of physiotherapy.