Ipek Gurbuz

I am an Associate Professor in Hacettepe University, Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, and a lecturer of Neurologic Physiotherapy and Pediatric Physiotherapy post-graduate programs of the faculty in Ankara, Turkey. I have been doing researches (since 2007) and giving classes on pediatric rehabilitation, especially on pediatric neuromuscular disorders since 2013. I am giving lectures on ethical issues in Physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation of pediatric neurological conditions, academic resource monitoring in Physiotherapy, and Physiotherapy in Public Health in undergraduate program of the faculty.

I am the member of Turkey Physiotherapy Association since 2007, and currently, I carry out the duties of general secretary at the Neuromuscular Diseases Research Association and a substitute member of the board of directors at the Association of Pediatric Physiotherapists in Turkey. I like to spend my time with my family, especially with my 1-year-old twins, and friends. Additionally, reading and participating to social environments with friends are my best activities which keeps me alive.