Griselda Gonzalez-Caminal

I’m Griselda Gonzalez-Caminal. At present I hold the position of coordinator of the simulation programme of medicine studies at CISARC Innovation for Simulation Center and I’m a lecturer in Physiotherapy department both at University of Vic – University of Central Catalonia (UVic-UCC), campus Manresa. I teach mainly in 3rd and 4th year of the bachelor, in clinical reasoning and community health/ergonomics. I’m member of the Interinstitutional Research Group on Educational Innovation, Simulation and Patient Safety (GRInDoSSeP) at my university.

My main research interests are now simulation as a teaching methodology and educational innovation designs. I’m also member of the Spanish Society of Simulation and Patient Safety (SESSEP). I’ve been attending ENPHE since 2012, from participant to working group facilitator. I love innovation and design in education, and I’ve been quite involved in developing simulation at different levels. In my personal life I’m passionate with nature, hiking and photography and I really like to spend time with family (a large one) and friends as well as reading and going to the cinema.