Claudia Silva

My name is Claudia C. Silva and I hold the position of Professor at ESS.PP, Porto, Portugal, in Neurology and Pediatrics fields (both undergraduated and post-graduated courses). During my PhD program I have worked on post-stroke management and the development of novel patient-centered intervention strategies, and this continues to be one of my research interests, amongst with the comprehension of movement strategies performed by young babies and children, with and without neuromotor conditions.

I am a clinical practice supervisor / Adviser of undergraduate and post-graduated physiotherapy students. I have 20+ years of clinical practice experience, which I am now developing at my university clinic.

I am very passionate about physiotherapy and with the perspective of endless opportunities for learning, given by this profession, which I consider the best profession in the world!

I love to spend time with my family, and specially try to be the most present mother I can be, to my 3 boys. I love travelling, both with my family, or alone!