Professional Issues


  • We will gathered together the main concepts and definitions concerning direct access.
  • We will finalize the proposal about postgraduate education for physiotherapists who have not reached the ENPHE competencies for direct access during their entrance level education.
  • We will finalize the proposal for advanced level postgraduate education about direct access.

Members (list of core members)

  • Carmen Suárez Serrano, ER-WCPT
  • Ursula Eckler, Austria
  • Alesander Badiola Zabala, Spain
  • Eija Mämmelä, Finland
  • Tarja Svahn, Finland
  • Marja-Leena Lähteenmäki, facilitator, Finland

Outputs/products (documents/links)

Additional information/contact

The last workshops for the above listed aims will be organized in spring 2020 seminar and the final paper will be presented in the Leuven conference 2020.