Strategic Direction Statement


Values and Principles

The values and principles statement defines the common base for all ENPHE members. It makes explicit what principles and values collaboration within the network is based on. It forms an important part of ENPHE’s vision and mission statements.

  • We believe that ENPHE must be oriented towards the future being driven by innovativeness and active collaboration. Our network is open to new ideas and approaches, and we treat our members equally. Our work is based on trust and transparency related to objectives, processes and the use of resources.


The vision statement provides an inspiring idea of physiotherapy in Higher Education in Europe. It says what ENPHE would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future. It describes a future status but no activity. It is inspiring and emotional but realistic.

  • ENPHE is the leading Knowledge Forum related to Physiotherapy Higher Education in Europe that anticipates trends and forces in the changing society that shape professional practice and education.
  • ENPHE provides a Home for educators, students and professionals where they can openly engage and collaborate, and where they can find support to align and improve educational developments in the field.


The mission statement declares ENPHE’s purpose and why it exists. The mission statement describes the added value which it brings to the sector.

ENPHE exists so that …

  • Physiotherapy higher education has a voice that speaks out and lobbies for aligned educational development in physiotherapy. ENPHE is a VOICE.
  • Physiotherapy higher education stakeholders have a forum to engage and drive forward new developments. ENPHE is a FORUM.
  • Different approaches in physiotherapy higher education become visible and are connected so that they have best impact for future professionals. ENPHE is a CONNECTOR.

Key Strategies

The key strategies pursued support to achieve the mission. Each strategy or group of strategies should have an obvious connection to one (or more) aspects of the mission. Specific programmes, targeted audiences, significant projects, membership strategies, revenue development etc. are not involved but will become part of the strategic plan.

In order to achieve its mission, ENPHE will …

  • Become proactive in the social discourse around education in physiotherapy and health. It will represent the views and ideas of its members.
  • Engage and involve its members through interactive fora and working groups. It will make knowledge publicly accessible for all its members.
  • Facilitate learning, innovation and co-creation for improved educational structures and approaches.
  • Actively involve students of physiotherapy to support learning and personal development.
  • Engage and collaborate with other educational and professional stakeholders. It will foster inter-professional learning and inter-professional collaboration.