ENPHE support to Ukrainian Universities

Dear ENPHE Members,

We would like to inform you about our initiatives to support Ukrainian Universities that offer Physiotherapy Education.

Our first approach was to contact our Ukrainian members to understand how they were doing and what could be the best way we could provide any type of support. On the basis of this contact, we had a conversation with a Higher Education Specialist from their Ministry of Education, who shared with us what are the urgent needs for the short time. In general terms, some buildings are totally destroyed and they are relocating students and teachers to schools that are still safe and running. Additionally, some students and teachers have already left the country for Europe.

Parallel contacts were made with other universities and physiotherapists in the country where we could identify similar needs as shared by the Ministry of Education.

From these conversations, the main identified needs for the short-term, are:

  • educational material (manual, powerpoints, recorded sessions, ect)
  • online teaching
  • accommodating students and teachers in ERASMUS mobility

Currently, our member and colleague Olena is identifying with all universities in the country for specific needs and will transmit us the results for a customized support.

Based on this, you will soon receive a survey to identify what are the possibilities to offer support to our colleagues in Ukraine. In this survey you can also propose new ideas.

Moreover, we contacted the World Physio to join their action in supporting education.

We will keep you updated on more developments.

Kindest regards,

ENPHE Governing Boards