ENPHE Thesis Awards

Winners ENPHE Bachelor Thesis Award 2019

  • 1 st Prize: Romail Collet, Cancer patient’s perceptions of interactions with healthcare professionals (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
  • 2 nd Prize: Raquel Santos Coelho, Cristina Argel de Melo, Julio Alexandre Portela, Carlos Crasto, Antonio Mesquita Montes and Juliana Moreira, Influence of different types of feedback during vertical self-stretching on a sitting position in very young and older adults (School of Allied Sciences of Porto Polytechnic, Portugal)
  • 3 rd Prize: Louise Hegnet, Anja Uglebjerg and Trine Sommerlund, Sedentary time, physical activity and overweight in children in the age of 7-13 years (University College South Denmark)

Winners ENPHE Master Thesis Award 2019

  • 1ste Prize: Carnicero Nuria, Relative motion on lumbrical muscle tears management in rock climbers; a pilot study (Escoles Universitaries Gimbernat, Spain)
  • 2 nd Prize: Ursula Müller, Karin Niedermann, Mandy Scheermesser and Irina Nast, Advanced Physiotherapy Practice, Perspectives of stakeholders in the Swiss health care system (Zurich University of Applied Science, Switserland)
  • 3 rd Prize: Jessica Imperadeiro Fernandes and Antonio Mesquita Montes, Effect of components of a specific motor control exercise on ventilatory muscle activity and thoracoabdominal movement in individuals with nonspecific chronic lombopelvic pain and health (School of Health-Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal)