ENPHE Bochum Seminar – 15 & 16 March 2019 – Bochum Germany

Dear Members,

I am pleased to share information about the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) Seminar 2019, hosted by the Hochschule für Gesundheit (HSG) in Bochum, Germany. The seminar comprises three days of activities. The first day is dedicated to the pre-seminar for all physiotherapy students in Europe (14.03.2019). The second and the third days (15.–16.03.2019) cover the special working group-style sessions addressing specific themes for professionals interested in higher education in physiotherapy in Europe. This event features eight specific working groups across thematic focus areas. It also offers networking opportunities and keynotes addressing the new role of physiotherapy in 2030 and novel ideas on personal healthcare.

Bochum 2019 offers you many opportunities to debate on professional and educational issues of physiotherapy in higher education. Both educators and students are invited to attend the seminar. You will meet many colleagues and students from Europe and be inspired by the ENPHE network, gathering output together during the working groups and of course, enjoying the hospitality of thehsg in Bochum.

Through your participation, you will contribute to generating new knowledge and developing expertise that will help improve the quality of education in physiotherapy in higher education, especially the future requirements. Therefore, everybody is welcome to participate – both ENPHE members and non-members – focusing on the specific aims and producing specific outcomes.

To find out more about the seminar and to register, visit the website and download our ENPHE Seminar 2019 Bochum App here: https://lineupr.com/enphe-seminar-bochum-2019/enphe-seminar-2019 , use the QR Code and/or follow us on Twitter:#enpheSeminar2019Bochum or #enphe2019 . The registration is open!

You can also download the Seminar Program using this Link

Hope to see you in March 2019 in Bochum, with inspiration around the corner.

With our best wishes,

Prof. Dr. Christian Grüneberg