ENPHE Student Body


The ENPHE Student Body (ESB) is a part of the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE).

Our aim is to enhance collaboration between students and teachers in ENPHE with the possibility of contributing to the development of future physical therapy education by empowering the students.

Our mission is to:

  1. Facilitate the active involvement of students in ENPHE activities and create opportunities for students to learn from ENPHE and its members as a mutual process.
  2. Contribute to the ENPHE process from the perspective of being the current and future consumers of education.
  3. Provide a platform for students to create their own projects, supported by other students and teachers.


  1. We identify the needs of the students and the teachers and turn them into acceptable and realistic projects by doing a proper problem analysis.
  2. Facilitating communication channels as well as being a communication-link between student and teachers (mediate communication).
  3. Being involved in the ENPHE executive board enables us to address the needs and ideas/critique of the students.
  4. We unlock the potential of the students by facilitating the making of project plans
  5. By expanding the social network of students we want to improve continuity and team work on the projects.
    • Using social activities/making friends/ fun stuff so people connect and work as a team on the projects, better continuity – they come again, work together, feel comfortable, safe, “home”, enabling/promoting constructive criticism

Members (list of core members)

The ESB currently has four student representatives on the executive board:

  • Selma Margrét Reynisdóttir (chair),
  • Laurens de Kroon (vice-chair)
  • Lea Heinrich (executive).

Our job is to make sure that the students’ needs are considered in the executive board’s decisions.

Student facilitator

  • Aymeric Fernet
  • Koen van der Assem
  • Alev Ina Altan
  • Diana Sãlãjan


  • Lea Heinrich (ESB representative)
  • Laurens de Kroon (vice-chair ESB)
  • Selma Margrét Reynisdótter (chair-lady ESB)

Outputs/products (documents/links)


Additional information/contact

Email contact: esb@enphe.org