The aim of the network is to bring together and enhance collaboration between european institutes and physiotherapy educational institutions in the european region in order to:

  • provide a forum for interaction and exchange of educational developments;
  • promote the convergence of physiotherapy educational programmes;
  • stimulate the development of a European dimension in physiotherapy educational curricula;
  • facilitate mobility of staff and students between physiotherapy educational institutions;
  • encourage and support standards of high quality education in physiotherapy in accordance with the recommendations of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT and ER-WCPT);
  • advance the body of knowledge of physiotherapy;
  • facilitate collaborative research projects between physiotherapy educational institutions;
  • establish and maintain contacts and exchange information with other national and international bodies, organisations, and with the European authorities.


  • Transparency - The Executive Boards’ vision is to be transparent to its members in all ENPHE’s activities. The Executive Board, ENPHE focus groups and committees will disseminate the outcomes of their activities to the members, related professions and public as appropriate via e.g. Website, new media and conferences.
  • Encouraging of involvement - The Executive Board will facilitate the active involvement in the ENPHE activities of country coordinators, focus groups and members in general, including students.
  • Strengthening collaboration - The Executive Board aims to strengthen collaboration with other European and international professional and educational organizations.

Executive Board












  • Patrícia Almeida - President
  • Bjorg Gudjonsdottir - Vice-president
  • Jasmin Pekaric - Treasurer
  • Maija Kangasperko - EB executive - working groups responsible
  • Joost van Wijchen - EB executive - students board responsible
  • Helma Hillebrand - Administrative Office

Charter and bylaws

Please select below the ENPHE Charter or the ENPHE Bylaws.


The cradle of ENPHE stood in Leuven. In 1992, the Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) organised a meeting for European schools of physiotherapy with a 4 year educational programme. Some attendants of this meeting kept in touch with each other and the idea of setting up a European network of physiotherapy schools was elaborated.

Karel Stappaerts from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), Patrick Willems from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium), Mary Garrett from University College of Dublin (Ireland) and Henri Bour from the Polytechnic of Utrecht (The Netherlands) prepared a meeting in order to create a European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE). The organisation was done by the University of Leuven and more than 400 European schools of physiotherapy were invited for this founding meeting in Leuven on 11th and 12th February 1995.

83 participants from 68 schools, coming from 15 European countries attended the meeting, which was financially supported by the European Commission. In the opening session, the participants were addressed by the rector of the University of Leuven, Mrs. Kiki Verli who represented the Task Force Human Resources ‘Education, formation and youth’ of the EC, Mr. Antonio Lopes who represented the SLCP and Prof. Jean Camy, one of the initiators of a European network for schools of physical education. In the following session, a presentation and a first analysis of physiotherapy education systems in different European countries was given. The meeting ended up with the presentation of the charter of ENPHE and the election of the national representatives in the Coordinating Group. Within the Coordinating Group, four officers in the Executive Board were elected. Karel Stappaerts was elected as president, Mary Garrett as vice-president, Henri Bour as secretary general and Michel Paparemborde from Lille (France) as treasurer.

The declaration of intent of ENPHE is to be the leading organisation in Europe, enhancing collaboration between and innovation of the physiotherapy educations in Europe.